How to conduct an effective interview

JIC takes several key elements into consideration while recruiting the required personnel, these elements also include the aptitude tests and reference checks. The most crucial and valuable step in this process is to conduct the interview properly.

The following are the different ways JIC HR uses for conducting Interviews.

  • Face to face: when an applicant is interviewed face to face, it gives a good assessment of the applicant’s skills, which are very important as a team player.
  • Telephone: Telephonic interview is easily scheduled, but the applicant’s behavior or body language cannot be checked out in order to understand how well the applicants deal with people. HR has to make sure the reference checks and case study responses are appropriate. 
  • Skype and video-conferencing: JIC has to take online interviews for housekeeping applicants from places like Nepal, Bangladesh etc., it is impractical for applicants to travel to the UAE which is our place of business and long-distance calls can incur unnecessary costs. We bear in mind that applicants might be willing to do an online interview but might feel uncomfortable with the technology, so we do not be judgmental in gauging the speaking skills, body language etc.,

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