Email Attacks

Email has become the primary way to communicate within the corporate industry. It has also become a means for people to stay in touch with family and friends. Of late purchases, bank transactions, ticket booking etc. almost all the transactions are made online and the confirmations are made through emails. Since most of us depend on emails, the email attacks have become one of the prime attack method used by cyber criminals.


In order to save from these attacks, few basic things that are to be kept in mind:


        Be cautious of emails received with an attachment that was not expected. It might contain virus. It is suggested that antivirus should be used to scan any email attachment. 


         The emails that ask for passwords, credit card details seems to come from original source, if you are  not sure of the email details, then confidential information should not be provided in response to the  emails.        


          Avoid using Plugins. Plugins or Add-ons are additional programs that can be installed in the browser  to give more functionality. Install only plugins that are authorized and that is needed, be sure that the  latest version is installed.


          To update the browser or turn on security setting, choose the browser from Firefox, Chrome etc.


          If email message that seems to be of suspicious nature are received, call up the person from whom it has been received it, before responding or opening the attachment.


          Never click on the links in an email message that requires personal or financial information. To check the authenticity, enter the web address in the browser window instead.


Report any email that is of suspicious nature to the system administrator, if you don’t understand it.

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