Effective Food Traceability

The ability to identify and follow the various stages starting from procuring raw materials (from which supplier the material has been procured) to the delivery of final products (till the final product has been received by the customer) is food trace ability.


At JIC, we maintain various checklists for effective monitoring from the receipt of the raw materials through the process and finally the distribution of the finished product.


 Our HSET team constantly monitors the checklist and it is cross verified for the genuine work order. Trace ability activity is carried out once in a month based on different scenarios in order to identify whether there are any gaps in the process system for trace ability. If in case any gaps are found in effective trace ability process, necessary corrective action is taken to mitigate the gaps.

The trace ability can be done in two ways either forward (Starting from stores till the final product) or backward (starting from the final product to the initial stage of raw materials).


Our Food trace ability system is capable of identifying and tracing individual batches or lots of materials at each step of the process.


All the batches and lots of materials are recorded in a systematic way on all the food products, containers and the food production paper works.


The Food trace ability activity is complete only when it includes all the raw material and finished product.


Our food trace ability records are linked between the raw material and the finished product. The trace ability details are retained in a format which allows having an easy and timely access of information.


In our business if we are not able to effectively perform the food traceability in case of a complaint or receipt of bad quality there could be a situation or a bitter consequence. To avoid these consequences we try to maintain an effective food traceability process wherein the information and the proper documentation is made easily available and the data can be retrieved very fast.


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