Common Computer Problems

Here are the most common problems we face with our computers in our daily life and handy tips to resolve the problems are given below

My Computer is too slow:

Most common problem we all face. There might be a number of reasons for a slow computer; but the most common reason may be that extra space is being occupied when you are downloading some information from the internet or may be lack of maintenance. Corrupted files or fragmented data.

To overcome these problems, we should have a track of all the programs. Delete all the corrupted files and run Disk defragmenter.

My computer keeps restarting:

Sometimes it is so difficult to analyze why the computer is restarting on its own. To ascertain that we should check whether some automatic windows updates happenings which require the computer to restart? It might be virus or adware or simply might be overheated.

To overcome make sure that you downloaded your antivirus and antispyware software is updated. Computers have safeguards that shut down the system if a component is overheated, which might be the cause of restart.

My computer shuts down on its own:

Sometimes due to fluctuations in power supply, faulty cable connection or overheating; the computer shuts down on its own.

To overcome this check if there are fluctuations in power supply then stop using it until there is consistent power supply. Check whether the cables are properly connected and if the computer is very hot check if the fan needs cleaning of dust.

I forgot to back up my data:

Data backup is an overlooked security task of many of us. All the data like important documents, photos, emails etc., are automatically stored on the computer’s hard drive, which is a mechanical and electrical device. When it breaks down the data will disappear forever.

To overcome this it is mandatory to take back up of your important data onto an external hard driver or server. You can make use of cloud services where in all your data can be stored.

My computer screen is blank:

Sometimes the computer screen goes blank. There may be an issue with the connection between the computer and screen.

Check if the computer monitor cable is plugged into power point properly or not and the connection and the connection between the monitor and computer hard driver is secure or not.

Following these easy steps will help you when you face these kind computer related issues.


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