Essential Elements in Procurement Management

The specific areas of concern that needs to be understood from procurement’s perspective while procuring goods for the company.

Product specification

Understanding the basic product specifications like origin of product, brand, unit of measure and the quantity before procuring the products is essential in getting the required quote from various suppliers for the product requirements.

Ordering to best Supplier

Quotations sought for the required products from various suppliers and based on the quote received from various suppliers, the best price regardless of how many suppliers have quote will be considered for ordering the required material.


It is mandatory to meet the timelines for product deliveries. It has an operational implication if the timelines are not met and the very purpose of purchasing the required product is defeated.

Payment Terms

It is essential to mention the agreed payment terms when a Purchase Order is raised, as this document is an official confirmation order and also serves as a mutual acceptance for the terms and conditions stated.


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