Choosing the best supplier

Adhering to product specifications forms a critical aspect in the catering industry and the Procurement Department has a key role to play. From receipt till consumption, the food / non food materials need close monitoring with an aim to match global standards of safety.  At JIC, we believe in doing the right things in the right way and this is reflected in our robust internal purchasing procedures.

Supplier Evaluation

The receipt of good quality, hygienically prepared foods and ingredients is essential to food safety. Therefore, suppliers must be assessed and approved in a systematic way. JIC follows a standard procedure involving audit, self – assessment questionnaire and a 3rd party food safety accreditation certificate or a mixture of all.

Approved Suppliers

Suppliers for JIC have to undergo a rigorous qualification process in order to become an Approved Supplier.  It is essential that there is a clear assessment trail and supplier traceability system in place, so that ingredients can be traced back to their origin if necessary. All suppliers must be able to demonstrate this procedure to JIC at any time.


Suppliers must be able to demonstrate full product traceability from purchase through receipt of goods. Ensure product or packs are labeled and/or coded. The traceability must also include details of any rework. The supplier must be able to demonstrate that their traceability system is valid and reliable.

Receipt of goods

Goods have to be received as per the requirement made and these items should meet the specifications. Proper segregation and stacking of perishable and non-perishable food items is mandatory.


Consideration should be given to adequate controls regarding raw materials and allergen management. Any allergen containing raw material or intermediate product must be suitably identified and segregated. It is a requirement that allergens are considered as part of the HACCP study.


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