Deep Freeze to Restore your PC on Boot

Ever wished you could undo all the changes you have made to your PC at home? Or maybe you would like to install some software on your system to test it before purchasing, but you don’t know exactly what it will do to your system?

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could just restart your computer and all the changes made were simply wiped out? Luckily, there is a way to do this using a program called Deep Freeze by Faronics.

Features and Benefits

What does this program do

Basically, it makes it so that anything you do to your computer can be fixed by just rebooting the machine. Want to delete the entire System32 folder? Go for it. Randomly delete keys from your registry? Not a problem. Install malware and viruses on your system? It’ll be gone after a reboot!

The last point there about viruses brings up one limitation of the Deep Freeze program. Basically, it acts like a reset for your computer hard drive. When it reboots, it gets reloaded to the last frozen state. This means a virus or worm installed will definitely be removed on reboot, but it could cause damage to other systems until the next reboot happens.


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