Compressed Gas Cylinders

The compressed gases are stored in metal cylinders which are designed and tested for use with compressed gases. They are made in various sizes and shapes

The compressed gas cylinders should be connected only to regulators and the equipment designed for the gas in the cylinder. Connecting to the wrong equipment might be dangerous.

Here are few tips on handling and storage of gas cylinders

How should the compressed gas cylinders be stored?

  • Cylinders should not be stored under direct sunlight and near hot work areas.
  • Cylinder to be stored safe, secure & in vertical upright position.
  • Full & Emcc2pty cylinders to be marked and stored separately.
  • Store cylinders in well ventilated areas and with protective caps.
  • Oxygen cylinders should be stored 5 meters away from other cylinders.
  • Fire extinguishers to be kept near cylinder storage areas.

Safe handling and Transportation

  • Cylinders should not be rolled horizontally, it should rolled at its base.
  • Cylinders should be secured in vertical upright position while transportation.
  • Cylinders to be fitted with valve caps or hood.
  • Use cylinder trolley for carrying cylinders.
  • Do not strike an arc on cylinders.
  • Do not lift with slings or by protective cap.
  • Lift to upper levels with approved cages only.

Working with high pressure

  • Air hoses should not be disconnected at compressors until the hose line has been bled and is free of any air pressure.
  • Check hoses & couplings daily before use.
  • Use only hoses specially manufactured for compressed air.
  • Compressed air for cleaning parts of machinery must not exceed 30psi.
  • Do not remove reducing nozzles.
  • Keep hoses off the ground or floor wherever they pass through walkways, roads etc. if possible use hose ramps.
  • Compressed air should not be used to blow dirt or dust from cloth or the body.

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