Food Poisoning

What is food poisoning?

A food borne illness caused by eating contaminated food. It refers to the condition affecting a person’s health due to consumption of spoilt or contaminated food.  Symptoms include diarrhoea, vomiting, nausea, headaches, cramps in the stomach etc.

What are the reasons for food contamination?

–          Food that has been contaminated by pathogens such as salmonella often does, look, smell and taste perfectly good.

–          If the food hasn’t been cooked properly or has been contaminated with any of the raw food product like for example blood from raw chicken dropping on the food also causes food poisoning.

–          Consuming the food that contains toxins also caused food poisoning. These toxins are produced by microorganisms and can occur naturally in the food.

–     Toxins directly affect the biological reactions taking place in the body. At sufficiently high concentrations, the effects are acute and take place a few hours after consumption.

Proper handling of food is the only way to make sure that apparently wholesome food is truly safe to eat.


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