Food Labeling Tips

Food labeling is an important tool to communicate the details of the products.


These tips should be considered while labeling the food products, raw and packaging material etc.,


  • Food /Dish Name
  • Legibility requirements
  • Food recall information;
  • Date marking;
  • Nutrition labeling
  • Percentage labeling;
  • Intended use
  • Country of origin


  • Food /Dish Name

A name or description of the food that clearly states the true nature of the food should be displayed on the label.

  • Legibility requirements

Labels must be clear, readable and understandable.

  • Food recall information

In the event of a food recall labels must have the name and business address, so that the lot and batch number of the food can easily be traced out

  • Date marking

The manufacturing and expiry date of the packaged food should be mentioned on the label.

  • Nutrition labeling

Nutritional values and information of the product should be displayed on the label in a particular format, where in it provides details like energy, proteins, fats, carbohydrates, etc., 

  • Percentage labeling

Packaged foods should contain labels that show the percentages of the main or key ingredients of the food product

  • Intended Use

Depending on the nature of the product, the storage and usage directions should be mentioned on the label.

  • Country of origin


The country of origin of the food produced should also be mentioned on the label. 


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