Food Serving Styles at JIC

JIC’s very unique approach towards their customers, is catering to their food needs. 


At JIC we cater to different nationalities, keeping in mind their taste bud compliance. The food prepared by the production staff is like a homely taste giving an ultimate “Home away from Home food experience”. Our style of service influences the type and varieties of food we offer.


The style of service we provide at our work sites is “Cafeteria Service” which is similar to a buffet. Our guests stand in line but do not help themselves. They are served by our service staff from behind the buffet line. The salads are kept in the self service area.


Our food service area is categorized into 3 categories (Workers, Technicians and Supervisors). Each dining area has a seating capacity of 3000 people. It is a herculean task to cater to 9000 people each meal, but our well trained staff arranged the seating in such a manner that there is exact spacing between the tables which makes it easy for the people to settle and have their meal comfortably.


Food warmers are installed to maintain the temperature of food Bain Maries. The temperature is monitored and recorded by using the Food Thermometer (probe Thermometer) thus ensuring safe and hot food is served to their valuable customers.


Well washed and cleaned plates and glasses are stacked for backup in the service counter.


 Our staff are well trained to handling any kind of situations at a given point of time. The staff is provided with adequate training and refreshers training to ensure that they are in line with the standard procedures followed at JIC. Below are few of the training topics provided to the staff:


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