Creating Team Norms

It is essential to invest in relationship building as it is invariably less costly and less time-consuming than recovering from divisiveness and conflict which might result from its absence and that is when the team norms come in.

The interaction, communication, team members’ accountability and decision making are all the concerns of an effective team.

Setting up norms gives the team members an opportunity to express what is important for the team and to learn what is important to their team mates.

To ensure team success each team member should contribute a norm rather than following the existing norms, this creates a positive response among the teammates.

Here are the sample team norms 

  • All Team members are equal, every opinion of the team members should be thoughtfully considered.
  • Timelines for the committed targets should be complied.
  • Follow the set rules like attending the meeting, work towards the agenda, minutes of the meeting should be recorded at each meeting; timing set for the meeting, for effective meetings.
  • Effective communication plays an important role in order to complete the set tasks.
  • Problem solving and effective decision making skills helps in achieving the desired results.

With effective and meaningful, value based team norms the team will emerge successful. It is also important to revisit the team norms often and if required revise them especially when a new team member joins the team.


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