Employee Performance Evaluation

Performance Evaluation is a significant method to assess employee’s performance and a key aspect for an organization’s success. Planning, setting measurable goals and performance standards makes the evaluation process easy.

Here are a few steps for evaluating employee performance:

Clear understanding of the employee job objectives:
The evaluator should be well versed with the employee objectives, skill sets and the knowledge requirements before evaluating the employee. The employee should also clearly understand his/her objectives, and the performance measures that are associated with those responsibilities. Unclear understanding of these objectives leads to unfair appraisals.

Goals and Performance criteria:
The goals assigned to the employee should be realistic and measurable. The employee should understand the objectives, performance criteria for each goal set and how it is measured and how they can be successful in achieving the set objectives.

Resources and Training:
An employee should be provided with the required resources and necessary training on the procedures, material and equipment to perform the set objectives.

Periodic feedback on the employee performance should be given to the employee, in order to improve the performance in case the performance deteriorates.

Factual review:
Facts Vs Personal opinion should be evaluated during the review.  Performance against the set objective criteria should be used with specific examples to back up the facts. The areas of growth and professional development should be addressed. If required ask the employee to clarify responses. An equal opportunity to the employee to share his/her thoughts about their performance should be given. An agreement should be made by the employee on the efforts he/she makes to improve the performance. The review outcome should be clear on the future performance and the plan of action for improving the areas of less performance.


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