Energy Conservation

Energy Conservation means reducing the energy consumption by reducing the use of it.  Saving energy means save the earth.

At JIC, we educate our staffs about energy conservation and the different ways to reduce the usage of energy at work when needed. Training sessions are conducted for the employees on the energy conservation topics so as to inculcate the knowledge on the importance of the reserve sources like electricity, water, etc.,

Various Global Event Days like World Energy Day, World Earth Day, and World Water Day etc. are celebrated to promote and motivate the staff to use and conserve energy.

The various methods we at JIC use to conserve energy are:

Switch off the lights of the rooms and the machines when not in use.

Continuously check the maintenance of the water pipes in case any leakages are found the facility maintenance personnel is informed and get the leakages rectified immediately.

Water taps are not supposed to be left open and do some other works which might lead to water overflow resulting in water wastage.

The equipment used in the kitchen have the energy saving power which can reduce the energy consumption to some extent.

In laundry the washed clothes are put for drying in the sun rather than using the dryers which can reduce the energy consumption.

Equipment maintenance through periodical services helps the equipment to run efficiently which in turn reduce the energy consumption.

These methods are found to be effective to save and conserve energy and make this planet a better place for our future generations to come.

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