Easy Tips for your computer care

It is very essential to take utmost care of Computers/Laptops and a regular maintenance should be performed in order to keep them running efficiently and securely.

Here are few handy tips to keep your computers/laptops in good working condition:

  • Clean your computer on a regular basis. The monitor or the LCD screen should be cleansed using a dry soft cloth.
  • Avoid using food and drinks near the computer/laptop, a simple spill might cause problems.
  • Organize the cords connecting the computer/laptop with printers, scanners, etc., messy cords always create a disturbing work area.
  • Always install antivirus to protect the computers/laptops from various potential virus.
  • Keep the computers/Laptops away from the magnets or the equipment that generates magnetic fields.
  • Regular data backup helps in retrieving the lost data in case any damage occurred to the computer/laptop.
  •  Always shut down your computer before you leave from your work for the day.

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