Exit Interview

Exit Interview is a formal meeting between an employer and the employee who is leaving the company.

The exit interviews are a key to the organization as they get a frank and honest feedback from the employee who is leaving the employment. These feed backs can be used for organization’s development.

These interviews are a vital part of the employment ending process at JIC, as the feedback obtained would be an understanding of the positive aspects of the employment and can be used to retain the critical employees and improve the work place.

The effective exit interview pattern is conducted to create an environment in which the exiting employee feels comfortable providing the honest feedback. The organization which fosters the effective exit interview feedback is one which the employees are comfortable sharing ideas openly, encouraged to criticize the organization’s processes and methods and are not punished for sharing the frank opinion.

The exit interview is the last stage of the disengagement process. If an organization wants to improve the workplace environment and increase engagement, then an exit interview process which yields good results should be created. Include in the process the feedback to review and act on those results. The feedback received can create a positive change and reduce the need for an employee to exit and also the exit interviews.

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