Dry Goods Storage Area

In any food industry there will be a separate storage area for the dry food products. These dry stores have certain criteria or storage specifications to be followed to have a better dry storage area and to keep the food safe from contamination.

Storage specification:

  • Dry Storage area should be temperature controlled between 18*C to 22*C.
  • FIFO/ FEFO to be followed.
  • Maintain cleanliness and hygienic.
  • All the food products to be stored 6 inch away from the wall and the floor.
  • Regular pest control activities to be done and pest traps to be installed.
  • The storage rooms should be well ventilated, properly closed and the facility to be maintained such that there are no cracks or holes for the pests.

Food Rotation (FIFO/ FEFO)

Any food products that are stored inside the dry stores should be date labelled to identify which material comes first into the stores. This helps to ensure the first in products goes first to the production (First out from the stores). This is called FIFO (First in First Out).  Ensure the proper rotation of food items stored in the dry stores which helps from food items getting contaminated.

FEFO – (First Expiry First Out) which means there should be a check in the expiry dates of the food products stored in the storage rooms. Whichever product expires first should go out of the stores first. This would help to avoid the use of expired products or wastage of the stored items due to negligence.

Temperature of the stores

Maintaining the temperature of the stores is very important. Usually the dry stores temperature should be between 18*C to 22*C which is cool and dry. This temperature will help to maintain the moisture of the room. Keep the storerooms well ventilated. The storage area should be designed in such a way that the area must be able to be cleaned effectively and easily.

Every periodic intervals pest control activities should to be done, pest traps to be placed and the facility to be maintained clean.

The food products should be stored six inches away from the wall and the floor to facilitate better cleaning and pest control activities. To avoid mix up of different food products at the same place and for easy identification, each area should be labeled separately and keep products accordingly.

Separate area to be allocated for storing of allergen products. The products that are damaged, torn, defective should be placed in an isolated area with separate label.

Always ensure the storage rooms are away from garbage area and the rooms are closed to avoid pest infestation. Whenever the goods come to the stores de-box it and then store to avoid any pest infestation.



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