Excellence Es

When we talk about organizational excellence, what comes to mind? People think Organization excellence is development, achievement etc., but these developments or achievements are for whom? Most apparently our stakeholders are benefited directly or indirectly from the development of the organization. It is these stakeholders who base their expectations on what the organization delivers to them and eventually decide whether the organization is excellent or not.

It is necessary that all stakeholders of the organization are aligned to the organizational strategies and vision. Especially when employees form the most integral part of the organizational excellence, it becomes necessary to keep the employees in front and develop them.

The focus is now to build on the characteristics of the organizational excellence.





Explaining in detail how these 4 Es aid us further in developing the human assets (Our Employees) who in turn are instrumental in achieving the organizational excellence.


educate1It is a well know fact that Knowledge is wealth. To ensure organizational excellence and sustainability, the desired knowledge should be imparted throughout the organization. It is necessary to educate employees with the apt knowledge to proceed in the right direction. In this process the organization should use various tools and techniques to create platforms for the employees, wherein they can make use of these platforms to improve their abilities. Various forums should be created to identify the talents of individuals and use these talents to demonstrate their capabilities and creativity at a given task. These abilities can be used as an example when explaining the probable issues and the remedy given by using their skill and presence of mind.


enableUnless the employees are provided with proper resources they will not be able to accomplish the task which is kept ahead of them. Design a matrix with appropriate information which acts as a guidance to complete the given task. Equip them with the right equipment and guidance to complete the task within the set timelines.


engageFor any successful outcome Engagement is the vital factor and it acts as the major component in achieving the desired results. Creating platforms where the team discussions on the action plan for the day’s activity. Committee Meetings etc., which engages the employees to remain, focused in completion of the given task. These kinds of activities engage the employees and their active participation helps them to become the key to a successful outcome for an organization. Creative awareness in the stakeholders about the requirements eases the difficult tasks. Engaging internal and external stakeholders helps in redefining the organizations’ approach and strategic planning which lays a platform to a successful and excellent organization.


empowerEmpowerment is the important and the core factor in employee excellence. It is necessary to have a clear structure and process for empowering employees. Usually organizations empower employees with the knowledge and encourage them to take decisions to meet and anticipate client and customer requirements but fail to address the vital aspect as to what kind of decisions and responses should be taken to ensure effective solution of a given situation/problem. Organizations should have clear process outline addressing various scenarios related to operational, processes and customer handling for individual departments/designations to take appropriate decisions and also to ensure effective service recovery and process flow.

Here’s an understanding of 4 Es in the Word “EXCELLENCE” 

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