Food can be easily contaminated through pests as they are carriers of microorganisms and viruses which can pose a serious health risk. It also causes monetary loss as it damages the properties and food products leading to wastage.

For any food processing environment pest control is mandatory, as this environment is very sensitive and prone to major health hazards if not treated properly and in time.

At JIC we believe that pest control process is not a onetime event, but on a monthly basis we get the pest treatment done and apart from that we have installed pest traps like (Cockroach traps, bait traps, rat traps and flying insect traps).

We have a regular schedule of inspections to check for any gaps or openings in the food processing facility which could harbor the pests. Our premises are well maintained, keeping it clean and hygienic through cleaning process at regular intervals.

Apart from this a monitoring system has been implemented to monitor the effectiveness of the pest control system which is done through daily inspections of the different areas and the bait traps which would help to improve the pest control system.

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