Emergency Response Plan

Emergency response plan is necessary in any facility or organization to protect the lives of the employees, contractors and visitors.

This plan helps the employees to actively respond to the emergency situations like fire, accident etc., during emergencies life safety should be the first priority.

We at JIC follow this process for Emergency Response Plan:

–  An Emergency response plan to identify the potential hazard or emergency scenarios        that can occur in a facility or organization is made.

–  Evacuation plan is made and is displayed at every corner of our facilities and is visible      for the employees or visitors to evacuate from the nearest exit in case of emergencies.

–   Our Emergency Response Team is a well trained team and is equipped to take        necessary and immediate action during the emergency situations.

–   Continuous training is provided to the staff and Mock Drills are conducted to      familiarize with the emergency situation that might occur at the work premises and the action to be taken.

–   Mock drills are basically creating an accident scene and checking how well the staff is aware about their action and responds during the emergency situations.

–  Our employees are trained to use the available resources like fire extinguishers during a fire accident, special internal training is given for handing the chemical spill kit which helps in handling the hazardous situation like handling hazardous chemicals during the heavy spillage and disposal of it.

–  Our staff is very well trained for providing first aid during an emergency situation    until the injured person is taken to hospital for further treatment.

–   It is mandatory to have an Emergency Plan for any organization to help minimize the damage to the facility or to save the employee lives.


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