Healthy diet

What is a healthy diet?

A diet which helps in maintaining or improving overall health is a healthy diet.

It is often a misconception that healthy eating is having strict dietary limitations, stay lean, depriving yourself from the food you love. But the fact about healthy eating is to get energy, stabilize the energy and improve the overall outlook.

A balanced diet which is rich in minerals, proteins and vitamins is important for a good health.

To develop a healthy eating habit it is essential to consume food derived from Fruits and Vegetables, whole grains, proteins and legumes.

Fruits and vegetables have fiber, vitamin and mineral content. These nutrients are very essential for our body to function well.

The products which include whole grains should be included in the diet.

Proteins are required for repairing and building the body tissues. The protein based food includes minerals such as iron, magnesium and vitamins

It is always better to take smaller portions of food at intervals rather than taking big portions. Drink plenty of water that helps in flushing out the wastes and toxins from the body.

Eating healthy protects from various diseases.



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