Employee Retention Strategies

Employee retention is the most important aspect of any company.

We at JIC have taken effective steps to build an effective employee engagement and retention strategy which helps in increased productivity, a pleasant work atmosphere and a great employee retention rate.

Here are few steps we follow to retain our employees:

Clear career metrics is provided to our employees:

As every employee in any organization tries to envisage his future in the company he is working, the same way employer also look at the continued relationship with the employee. Keeping that in mind we have designed a metric for every employee of our company, we discuss the objectives set for each employee and monitor his performance. All the required training and the tools are offered to enable the employee to perform and upgrade his/her skills and grow on the set career path.

Work life Balance

Having a healthy work life balance is very important for an employee to better his performance. We follow an appropriate work life balance strategy like conducting staff welfare activities, team building activities and recreational facilities. The activities are conducted on a fortnightly and monthly basis. As most of our employees hail from different parts of the world, they miss the family and friends back in their country, these activities help them in distressing, rejuvenating and getting back to work refreshed.


Employee’s hard work is recognized and paid off, is what he looks at. If the hard work to achieve and exceed the expectations of the employee is not recognized, then it lowers his morale.

At JIC we recognized the hard work and the remarkable achievement made in the career path in all fairness and consistent performance of our employees. The employee who has fulfilled all the objectives and excelled in his performance is brought to the notice of the management and is appropriately rewarded as the star of the month and the best of the star of the month will be rewarded with star of the year award and special incentives are given to the well deserved employees. These kinds of activities help the employee to retain in the company for a longer period.

Open Door Policy

One of the important polices we have at JIC is Open Door Policy, This policy has enabled us to be open in accepting the criticism and the feedback received from our employees. Often the scenario is, though the open door policy is in place, employees don’t feel comfortable in talking out their issues with the management. At JIC the management makes it a point to build a rapport with the employees through the TBT talks, Coffee with MD sessions and the casual talks which builds the confidence in our employees to share their grievances and it has worked out really well. Today our employees share their grievances boldly without having the fear of being chided.


Clear communication helps in performing the appropriate employee engagement strategies. We let our employees feel that they play a vital role in our achievements and the same is communicated to them, apart from the achievements the latest developments of the company is also communicated to them through our most effective communication media the Jazeera Communication Cascade, through the intranet portal and through emails.

Hope these few steps helps in strategizing your employee retention strategies.


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