Competency Mapping At JIC

At JIC we use competency mapping to identify the capabilities and talents of the personnel with specific job tasks as per our set standards. Their core skills and behavioral requirements to perform the role is analysed, basing on this analysis a job description is designed and resources are aligned to fulfill the competency requirements.


With the help of the competency map it is easy to identify the qualified people and assess their performance.


We follow these approaches to identify the competencies required for the job requirements.




This approach helps the management to have an observation to evaluate the performance and potentials of personnel related to specified job requirements. They are asked to perform giving a certain scenario while a trained assessor observes their behavior. These kinds of situations are designed in advance so that their aptitude is assessed and the right person is chosen for the right job.




Interview is an effective method to collect the required and relevant information of the prospective employee. Through this interview a firsthand insight of the candidate’s potentials and his behavior is known.


A set of targeted questions are prepared in advance to know the job experience and also to get some clues on the candidate’s outlook, disposition and general motivation.


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