Motivation is very important tool that leads an organization to accomplish the set goals.

It helps the employees to perform their duties responsibly and improves the level of efficiency. It energizes, maintains and controls behavior and leads to substantial levels of achievement.

Improves level of performance

The ability and the willingness are two different aspects here, one might be qualified enough to perform the work but the willingness is obtained only through motivation. If the willingness to perform comes from within with the help of motivation and paired with appropriate training, the employee tends to perform well and achieves the desires results.

Builds relationship

The Employees build a sustained relationship with the company when he is motivated and is satisfied in few of these areas: cooperation from the management and colleagues, monetary benefit, promotions and adequate required training.

The employee does not resist the change but adapts the change with enthusiasm when motivated.

Stable workforce

Motivated employees retain in the organization for a longer period resulting in profit maximization through increased productivity. The positive influence of the management creates a positive atmosphere and a positive impact on the employees which results in increased productivity and satisfied employees.


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