Email Management

The email is intended to facilitate communication. It is just a task to get the work done but these emails have becomes unmanageable when the inbox becomes full. At this point in time it is advisable to manage the emails through the below mentioned steps:


Structure emails into categories:

Use rules to automatically organize the emails that moves the emails according to the rules set.


Create folders to set it according to the relevant matters.   


Use filters to automatically organize mails into the folders


Immediate Action to be taken:


The moment the email is read, take immediate action whether to respond to it or delete it. Do not postpone the action.


Quick and Short replies:


Whenever emails are to be replied, try to keep it short and simple. Try to reply as quickly as possible and do not spend much time on an individual email.

Keep it Simple:

Do not create dozens of different folders and complicate. Keep it simple and have few important folders to organize the emails into.


Unsubscribe from newsletters:


It might be of interest when subscribed for a newsletter, if it has become a distraction as they are received often, unsubscribe immediately to avoid them.





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    1. aljicblogger says:

      Good Morning Parveen,
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