Engagement Disengagement Re-engagement

An Employer of a company strives hard to improvise on the employee engagement and eventually there are no evident results. This effort will feel in vain to the employee and not take the employer to any heights unless the employee is willing to feel motivated. 

 The reason for Employee disengagement might be because his needs whichever may be was not met and looking beyond what he is doing right now.

 The Manager should empower the employee to speak up and strike a conversation with him to understand his grievances better and help him perform his job with excitement. A manager’s role should be able to understand how to tap into the excitement for the benefit of the employer and the employee.

 The secret to resolve the issue is only through effective listening and being observant.

 When you clearly understand and identify what a disengaged employee needs, work out a strategy with him addressing the issue and provide him with the resources, while removing the hurdles to maximize work efficiency.

Al Jazeera International Catering introduced a fast track program for the employees called the Sareeyah Program. This program enables the employees to have a fast track development in their career to grow within the organization.

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