Employee Satisfaction Survey

Employees are called the human capital of any organization. A cooperative and satisfied group of employees are the tools to build positive employee relations and a positive work environment.


For employee engagement it is recommended to design an employee survey to understand better the organizational challenges and the work environment.


A plan has to be made focusing on the following points:


·         What should be the objective for the survey

·         What areas should be focused

·         How many questions to be asked in the survey

·         What steps to be taken to encourage employees to participate in the survey


The areas of focus should be:


  • Job Satisfaction
  • Cooperation among the employees
  • Management efficiency
  • Appropriateness of organizational strategies

Questionnaire should cover all the required areas:

When the questionnaire is prepared, make sure that all the relevant and possible questions are asked to get the complete required information.

Survey Results to be kept anonymous:

The survey should be kept anonymous, that will encourage the employees to give accurate and legitimate feedback. If not they might hesitate to provide the truthful information for fear of retaliation.

Share Results:

It is very important to share the results, this will encourage the employees to provide genuine feedback.


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