Efficient Time Management Skills

Are we able to complete the work within the stipulated time? Are we able to successfully accomplish the given target?

If we learn and maintain good time management skills, it would be freedom from deadline pressures, stress, delay in being more productive and work postponement will be lessened.

Follow these simple steps for good time management skills:

Create a list: If we are not prioritizing our tasks we will jump from one work to the other without completing one work. That way we lag in completing the work and by the end of the day no work will be completed fully and will be carried for the next day. List down all the works do be done as per the priority and complete one task at a time.

Schedule your work: if a scheduled task for the day takes half an hour, allocate one hour for completion that way you can have control on your time and as per the timelines you can schedule your tasks for the day. This will help you to monitor your work and enables you to complete the tasks within the scheduled time.

Be Focused: save from distractions like emails, social media, calls etc. One tends to do multitasking but it leads to procrastination of work. In order to complete the task effectively within the scheduled time, more focus is essential.

Tracking Time: If a task is scheduled, the time spent on completing the task should be tracked in order to gauge the problem of non-completion of the work within the time. A strategic solution like what can be simplified or eliminated to complete the task should be looked at and resolve the issue.

These simple steps will help eliminate the hurdles in completing the tasks within the time scheduled.


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