Climate Change Impacts On Food Safety

climate change

Climate change is inevitable, the impact of climate change has implicated a lot on the food safety.

Climate changes happen due to the increase in global temperature and increased frequency of moderate to heavy rainfall. Due to the climate change a great harm is expected on food yields.

The seasonal climate and temperature pose a threat to the agriculture, livestock and also the fisheries.

These changes in the temperature increases the prevalence of salmonellosis and campylobacteriosis. Further, higher temperatures increases the susceptibility of animals to disease, which in turn is transmitted to human beings. Aquatic animals also become weak as the metabolic processes of fish are influenced by temperature, salinity and oxygen levels.

These climatic changes also affects the mycotoxin contamination of crops. It can also lead to more harmful algal blooms. These algae can produce toxins harmful to humans.

The climate change has affected the food safety globally, by disrupting the food availability, reduce the access to food and effect on the food quality.



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