Extend the Wi Fi Range

We all depend on Wi Fi broadband connection for faster and stronger Wi Fi. We surf the web through computer, we browse various social media channels, watch movies, listen to radio through various devices using the same Wi Fi connectivity.

When we shift slightly away from the access point the signal gets reduced and the direct data transfer rate slows down.

There are many ways to expand the coverage, like the few listed here:



  1. Adjust the device position 

The router should be kept in an open room and away from other electronic devices. As the signal from other electronic devices can interfere with the Wi Fi signal and reduces the signals and slows down the connectivity.

  1. Upgrade the device 

If the connectivity is weak, doesn’t cover the longer range and less connection speeds, consider replacing it with a better device which offers the longer range and faster connection speeds.


  1. Add a wireless repeater

Alternative way to significantly increase the Wi Fi connectivity, is to add a wireless repeater or range extender.




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