Environmental Aspect Register

environmental aspect register

What is an Environmental aspect?

It is an element of organization’s activities, products or services that has or might impact environment.

It is the responsibility of the organization to ensure that its staff or people who work on the organization’s behalf are aware of the Environmental Management System and the importance of adhering to the environmental policy related to the organization.

Here are a few steps in identifying and evaluating the Environmental Aspect Register.

The scope of Environment Management System pertaining to the organization should be defined.

All the activities, products and services which comes within the defined scope should be taken into consideration while identifying environmental aspects and impacts.

Identify the various activities pertaining to the organization’s operational process and categorize it according to the sections mentioned for easy identification.

Identify the environmental aspects and its impacts of the activities further to which the probability, consequences and the risk to be rated according to the significance of the environmental impact.

Once the significance is been rated then the control measures to be defined to reduce the risk level.

Finally the risk rating should be done after the intended control measures to identify the level of reduction the environmental impacts



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