Food Samples are preserved in order to validate the food shelf life period, quality, microbiological, physical and chemical effects. These samples can also be used as part of the investigation evidence against the food poisoning or food spoilage complaints raised by the customers.

While taking the food samples for further use, consider these conditions:


  •     Ensure the sample is kept in a clean, well sanitized,

closed container so that there is no chance of food

contamination from the container which is used for

sample  storage.


  • Ensure that enough quantity of sample (minimum of

150 gms of food sample) is kept aside to undertake

relevant testing for microbiological, physical

and chemical analysis.

  •   The samples to be retained for a minimum time of the food’s

shelf life. At JIC we keep all the samples for 72 hours.

  •  Ensure the sample is kept in the required temperature of refrigeration (0-5*C). The  temperature to be monitored to ensure the product is maintained at chiller  temperature.
  •  Ensure all the food samples are labelled with the date of production, the food    item name  and the time at which the food was prepared.

The food samples must be taken immediately after the food is prepared and it should be kept isolated from other food items to avoid any contamination of samples.It is mandatory to keep the samples of all the food that is prepared in the kitchen in the food business.

These samples serve as evidence for the food poisoning complaints and can be given to laboratory (Microbiological) testing for ascertaining whether the food is contaminated or not.



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