Tips for online interview

Whenever we at JIC have a job opening, we post it in our social media channels and get applications from different parts of the world.

Some of best applications received might be from a different place where we cannot interview the person directly. Instead we took to online interview option to fulfill the available vacancy.

Here are few tips for a successful online interview:


Be prepared:

Keep a paper and pen ready in case you want to write down the questions. Do your homework thoroughly on the subject matter. Answer the questions with clarity and confidence.

Practice the online interview:

Before the interview starts adjust the camera and place in an appropriate place where you are clearly seen. It will be very uncomfortable to adjust the camera when the interview is in progress. If the online interview is not a familiar thing with you, practice talking in front of the camera or your computer screen, this will clear your discomfort.

Dress appropriately:

Even though you might not go to the office for the interview, you should dress appropriately and make sure wherever you are sitting for the interview that room is lit well. Keep away all your unwanted things behind you as they might reflect poorly on you.

Facial Expressions and Appearance:

Facial expressions count a lot, it plays an important role in your interview success. Your preparedness for the interview questions and your body language while reciprocating to the responses will also add onto your success.

Demonstrate energy and enthusiasm:  

If the question is not heard or understood properly you cannot answer it hence be bold in asking to repeat the questions if required. Answer all the questions with enthusiasm.

Make sure you are prepared for the interview and perform well for a successful job.


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