Tips for Boosting Safety Performance

It is most likely that the employees might get injured if the safety management systems fails due to various reasons like inadequate training, faulty equipment, improper safety measures, etc.,

Keeping in mind the importance of safety for its employees, JIC has developed and adopted various methods to improve the safety culture of the employees.

Here are a few tips that we follow to boost safety performance:


It is mandatory to provide induction training program to all the new joinees of our company. Health Safety Environment and Training (HSET) department trains them on the safety induction and usage of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) while at work. Safety policies are safety measures to be taken while at work is explained in detail.


boosting safety1

Once the employee reports on duty he/she will be undergoing various training sessions related to their workplace hazards and safety practices/process to be followed. Work related risks and the control measures and the preventive measures will be explained and demonstrated to the employees. Training department will guide and engage the employees through various activities to make them better understand about the safe work practices.

Incident Reporting:

In case of any work related injury or illness occurred the concerned staff should report to his/her superior (supervisor) and the Incident report will be made, circulated and Incident investigation will be done by the HSET department with root cause analysis and corrective/ preventive action will be taken on immediate basis. All the incidents will be notified to all the staffs through internal training, Tool Box Talks and meetings so as to ensure such kind of incidents will not occur in future.

Engaging Employees:

boosting safety2

All the employees are engaged through internal communications like TBTs, Meetings, Global event celebrations, etc. about the safe work practices. Facility audits and walk through are done by the HSET team to ensure the workplace is safe for employees to work and check the areas in need for improvement. The employees are motivated and encouraged to maintain the safe work culture by celebrating the Incident free month with the employees.

Compliance with safety and health regulations is our duty under the law. This will indirectly help to achieve excellence of the organization.




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