Mock Drill Importance

Mock Drill is a practice or a trial warning drill conducted by HSE department of any organization. This drill is basically conducted to gauge the knowledge of how promptly and safely the staff evacuates the premises through the emergency exit plan and uses the available resources to avert the emergency situation.

At JIC our Emergency Response Team (ERT) plan and create the scenarios to make it look realistic. The mock drill for different scenarios is conducted once in a month. The ERT members not only monitors the evacuation time but are also responsible to conduct the drill and evaluate the performance of the staff who participated in the drill.

This drill helps the ERT to understand the effectiveness of the drill and what further course of action that needs to be taken while communicating the importance of such drills.

Here are few scenarios to understand the mock drills in a better way:


Fire Drill : While performing the fire drill the staff has to evacuate the premises and gather at the muster point, an awareness session is conducted to educate them on how to use the fire extinguishers and save themselves from these kinds of situations.

The headcount is taken to understand how many people have reached the muster point and how many are trapped inside the premises so that the rescue operation can be performed to save the trapped persons in case the real fire mishap occurs.


Freezer Trap : When a staff is trapped unknowingly in the walk-in freezer and raises the freezer alarm, how attentive and responsive the other staff in the premises is, in response to the alarm raised and save the person from this trap.

The mock drills are captured in videos and while conducting the awareness sessions these videos are shown to the staff to educate them on the probable mishap occurrence at workplace.


The above kind of scenarios helps the staff to understand the importance of mock drills and helps them to be prepared and save self when the real situation arises.




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