“Having a positive safety culture indicates that your safety leaders are carrying out their role successfully”. Measurement forms an important part of the continuous improvement of any process.

Thou finding a perfect measure for safety is a difficult task, we at JIC measure our safety culture through the below:

  • Lead and Lag Indicators
  • Employee’s Surveys
  • Internal and external Audits

Lead and Lag Indicators

Lead indicators are business metrics centered on safety behavior that recognizes It includes; future safety performance.

  • Competency-based Training
  • Toolbox discussions dealing with Safety
  • Plant, Equipment and Site inspections and Audits

Lead indicators help us to improve the safety culture in our business by informing us about whether we can do more to improve safety behavior and performance.

Lag indicators are business metrics that identify past safety performance. It includes;

  • Near misses (i.e. an injury that could have occurred but didn’t eventuate)
  • Lost time injuries (i.e. when a worker is unable to work due to an injury)
  • Medical treatment injury (i.e. injuries requiring medical treatment, including first aid and hospital treatment)

Note: Lag indicators should also include information on how past safety incidents arose and the controls that have been implemented to prevent them from happening again.

safety culture

Employee’s Surveys

An Employee’s survey is conducted by our HSE department to determine the employees’ level of knowledge in safety culture and how well this knowledge is executed at the work place during any emergency situations.

Internal and External Audits

Through internal and external audits, we determine whether our systems and processes are in line with the best practices in health and safety.

Our internal audits are conducted by trained personnel and external audits are conducted by an independent health and safety auditor.


All these measures are taken to make sure that there will not be any untoward incidents at workplace and the safety becomes the priority of every employee.



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