Knowing to handle knives properly is a very essential act in the food service work.

Below are the few simple techniques for handling knives safely.


A sharp knife is a safer knife

Sharpen knife lowers the risk of cuts. A dull knife increases the risk

as you have to put more force to cut and chances of slipping is more


 The right knife for the job

Knowing which knife to be used for which action is very essential.


 Keep them clean

Keep your knife clean after every use helps in minimizing the risk of cross contamination.

 Store correctly

Store the knives in an appropriate manner to
avoid cuts

Proper holding and cutting techniques

Learning the technique of cutting and holding knives is very important. Do not hold the material to be cut in hand, use chopping board.

  Pay attention

Whenever you are handling knife, pay proper attention otherwise you might end up in a hazard.



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