Importance of Personal Hygiene of a food handler

It is essential to have good hygiene practices in any food industry. It eliminates the spread of food contamination.

Personal hygiene is important especially on the clothing and cleanliness of a food handler. Food handler should follow all the hygiene standards set in order to save the food from food contamination.

If the food handler is sick, he should not be permitted to work until he is fit to perform his duties.

The 3 major types of food contaminants that are linked to the personal hygiene are:

Physical Contaminants: the finger nails not properly cut, the hair not trimmed, the buttons not properly stitched, dangling threads from clothing, jewelry etc. are the direct physical sources of food contamination

Chemical Contaminants: If Cosmetics, Perfumes etc. come in contact with the food through food handlers, the color and the flavor changes which ends up in spoilt food and that has to be thrown out thus a great loss to the food industry.

Microbiological contaminants: there are basically 2 types of contaminants which causes food contamination.


Staphylococcus Aureus: a bacteria that is found mainly on the skin of the nose or hair. Uncovered wounds leads to the spread of bacteria, which again is a cause of food contamination.

Other Pathogens : other bacteria or virus which multiplies on the hands, clothes, if hands are not washed properly when the toilet is used leads to food contamination.

To avoid the spread of bacteria while handling food, it is essential to have a proper hygiene before the start of food preparation.

Hence proper training on the personal hygiene has to be provided to the food handler.

At JIC it is mandatory to provide proper training to the employees on personal hygiene and always the personal hygiene is emphasized in order to prepare and serve contamination free food to the clients.





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