Biological Contamination – Safe food Handling

Food contamination might occur in various ways. It is categorized as Physical, Chemical and Biological.

Biological contamination is the common type of contamination which results in dire consequences. It occurs when microorganisms like fungi, bacteria etc., enters food from various sources.

At JIC we follow various methods to eliminate these kind of hazards.

Procuring raw material:DCIM100GOPROG0010500.

The vegetables and fruits are procured only from those vendors who are pre-qualified with the HSE requirements like HACCP certified and ADFCA approved.

Receiving raw materials:

Prior to the receipt of the raw vegetables and fruits the temperature of the vehicle and the product is examined with the help of probe thermometer, if the temperature is around 0*C to 5*C and the material doesn’t look damaged or bruised then only they are accepted. The raw material received will be prewashed before storing it.


The fresh produce is stored in the chiller (0*C to 5*C) for not more than a day. Our HSET team verifies whether the product stored is fresh and without damage. Fresh fruits and vegetables are stored in different chillers to avoid cross contamination with other meat and dairy products.

Pre-preparation of vegetables:

Once the vegetables and fruits are issued to production department for further processing, it undergoes pre-preparation process wherein the products are washed again with fresh water and then sanitized with sensitization solution of 50ppm for 15 minutes. The chopping boards, or the work area which comes in contact with the food and the knife are well cleaned and sanitized before it is used.

The food handlers sanitize their hands and wear proper protective equipment before coming in contact with the food products. They also ensure that they change the equipment every 30 minutes. Once the vegetables and fruits are cut they are transferred to a clean and sanitized container which is then cling filmed and dated and finally stored in the chiller to maintain the cold temperature and eliminate the formation of bacteria, until further use.

Thus we ensure that the food served to our customers is safe to eat.



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